Baby’s First Story Session: Miss M

One of the biggest compliments I can receive is to have my clients come back to me.  To ask me again to document special moments in their lives. This is one of those families and I feel very blessed. It was already special because I was able to re-connect with an old college friend and … Continue reading Baby’s First Story Session: Miss M

{Adventure Story Sessions Explained}

What kinds of adventures does your family like to go on? Do you go to the same pumpkin patch every year? Is the zoo your favorite place to visit? Do you have a favorite donut shop you go to every week? Big or small, there are places and outings that are tightly woven into our … Continue reading {Adventure Story Sessions Explained}

{At Home Story Sessions Explained}

Our homes. This is where life happens. This is the backdrop for our story. This is where those little moments move so quickly. The passion behind an At Home Story Session is to preserve those moments and write your story. This moment in time that moves so quickly, but you don't want to forget. These … Continue reading {At Home Story Sessions Explained}

{It’s Time}

I stepped into the world of photography for one reason; to document my kiddos childhoods. I wanted to capture all the tiny moments. You know, those little pieces of everyday life that make up your story, but might be forgotten over time. When I made the leap to starting a photography business I wanted to … Continue reading {It’s Time}

{At Home Story: Holiday Cookies}

The holidays are full of so many traditions and I love learning about what activities are important to other families each year. When I was talking with this Mama about what holiday traditions would mean the most to them to capture during their session, the answer was easy. Baking cookies. This had me really excited. … Continue reading {At Home Story: Holiday Cookies}

{Adventure Day: Union Station}

Union Station is one of my favorite places in Kansas City. The architecture and the history are overwhelmingly beautiful. There are so many fun activities and events that happen here, but I just love to explore the details. Everytime I go I find a new amazing spot. I took tiny man on an adventure to … Continue reading {Adventure Day: Union Station}

{Adventure Story: The Perfect Tree}

In my house growing up we always had a "fake" Christmas tree. It's all I knew and it was perfect.  There's something very nostalgic for me now when we put our "fake" tree together each year.  Hunting for the correctly color coded branch and fluffing them up. It's just the way it was always done. … Continue reading {Adventure Story: The Perfect Tree}

{Adventure Day: Light Chasing}

As I said before, Adventure Day took a back seat to the crazy, busy fall season so I was really excited to get back to it last week.  Unfortunately, tiny man has a sinus infection. He woke up Friday morning in a major grouchy mood so, once again, life got in the way of adventuring … Continue reading {Adventure Day: Light Chasing}

{Milestone Story: Mr. J Turns One}

Mr. J just turned ONE! When a Baby's First Story comes to an end, I like to look back at my favorite moments that lead up to this big milestone.  I met his parents before his arrival to capture that time of great anticiaption. They brought their sweet pup who has since passed and I'm … Continue reading {Milestone Story: Mr. J Turns One}

{Newborn Story: Meet Miss L}

I met this sweet family when big brother was born. I found out then that they're giant Royals fans just like us and I knew we'd get a long great.  We actually got to experience a dream come true together when we were able to step out onto the field at The K for big … Continue reading {Newborn Story: Meet Miss L}