Top 10 Images of 2019

I know I don't share my photography work quite as much around here anymore. To be honest, 2019 was a tough year for me creatively in that area.  I went through a little bit of an identity crisis. Mom life has become busier than ever.  Having three kids in school and activities is no joke.… Continue reading Top 10 Images of 2019

DIY boho activity advent calendar

DIY: Activity Advent Calendar

Holidays and birthdays, and life in general, have always been about experiences in our house. We try not to focus on the things, but instead create memories along the way. I started our Activity Advent experience, the "25 Days of Hupp-mas" as I once called it, back in 2011. At the time, we had a… Continue reading DIY: Activity Advent Calendar

kids spring easter pictures blooming trees portraits

Our Spring Tree Tradition

Well, hi there strangers! It's been quite awhile since I've written. I'm sorry about that and I promise to be better about it. I've mentioned many times that we live across the street from a 1600 acre park. It's amazing. We've created so many memories there already in our 3.5 years in this house and… Continue reading Our Spring Tree Tradition

ceramic painting family fun birthday

The No Party Birthday

October is a big birthday month around here. We have TWO October birthdays in this house alone, plus tons of friends and family who also were born in the best month of the year. When our kids were little, like really little, we had the traditional birthday parties for them each year.  All of our… Continue reading The No Party Birthday

children washing car driveway summer kansas city ford explorer water soap hose

October: 10-on-10 | Kansas City Family Photography

It's already October. It's my favorite month of the year. Fall is officially here.  I figure it's about time to do a "this was our summer" type of post. Am I too late for that? I think maybe this unrelenting rain we've had for the last 4+ days might have some people wishing for summer… Continue reading October: 10-on-10 | Kansas City Family Photography

CIder Hill Family Orchard Kansas City Apple Picking Family Documentary Storytelling Photography Fall

Family Adventure | Cider Hill Family Orchard | Kansas City Family Photographer

It's not official, but I feel like fall is here. A tell tale sign that we've shifted to fall is that it's actually cooler in the shade.  Kansas summers are brutal with heat and humidity, the only salvation is air conditioning. So, even though we're still hitting 80 degrees, you can now get some relief… Continue reading Family Adventure | Cider Hill Family Orchard | Kansas City Family Photographer


The Hour-by-Hour Photography Project

Over the last few years I've completed a 365 project; one photo everyday for a whole year.  While I've loved all the little everyday moments I was able to capture during those projects, this year I wanted to try something a little different. Something that would still allow me to capture our story, but also… Continue reading The Hour-by-Hour Photography Project

family photography kansas city documentary kids

10 Projects to Pull You Out of the Photography Rut

As an artist, there’s nothing more frustrating then a creative block. A total lack of inspiration and motivation to create. You keep shooting, but nothing you’re capturing moves you. Or maybe you don’t even feel like picking up your camera. We’ve all been there. The photography rut. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s life getting… Continue reading 10 Projects to Pull You Out of the Photography Rut

Toys R Us Kansas City Family Photography Child Store

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Does this closing mean we all officially have to grow up now? I'm a Toys 'R Us kid. I always will be. It feels like a little part of my childhood is dying. Back in March, when they first announced Toys 'R Us was closing, I took tiny many over for a visit. I thought maybe… Continue reading I Don’t Wanna Grow Up