About Me

I’m a mom.  Yes, first and foremost, I’m “mommy”.  

I have three beautiful kiddos who keep me on my toes all day long.

{often all night}

I’m naturally an introvert and an observer.  I love to watch all the details of life and relationships.  

I’m a sucker for those little moments that you may not notice until you stop.

{just slow down}

I love cheese fries, over sized shirts, sleeping under way too many blankets, backyard fire pits, losing myself in a sporting event, a good IPA, comfy sweaters, and I’m obsessed with anything olive. 

{like, really obsessed}

Well, the color, not the food. Yuck!

I’m an artist. I’m a photographer.  I’m inspired by music, dance, light, love and laughter.

I’m emotional. I’m quirky, dorky and simple.  

I like everyday life; messy and chaotic. I like shadows and contrast.

{I’m me}

I’m here to share my home, life and motherhood journey with you.

I hope to keep it real and honest.

I want to inspire and support you.


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