About Me

I’m a creative. A designer. A photographer. A DIYer

My mind is always wandering to my next project.

{There’s always something new to create}

I’m a bargain hunter and an avid thrifter.

I’m all about a good deal or a diamond in the rough.

{Thrifting is my therapy}

I’m a mom. A wife. A socially awkward introvert.

I believe in sharing our story. My story.

I love building a community, supporting one another, cultivating relationships. Did I also mention, I’m awkward?

{Like, but really, I am}

I love cheese fries, over-sized shirts, sleeping under way too many blankets, backyard fire pits, losing myself in a sporting event, a good IPA, the perfect jeans and Amazon.

I’m sarcastic and not easily offended.

I believe in laughing at ourselves, embracing our quirks and celebrating our differences.

{I do a lot of laughing}

I’m here to share my home, life and motherhood journey with you.

I hope to keep it real and honest.

I’m here to inspire and support you and your journey. To remind you that we’re all in this together.


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