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Adventure Day | Gieringer’s Orchard | Kansas City Family Photography

Well, hello there, strangers! Sorry it's been so long. We've been busy doing summer. Baseball games, baseball practice, cheerleading practice, camps, the lake, exploring, swimming. All of it. I really haven't had a moment to sit down and share it all in awhile, but here I am! We went blueberry picking on Friday morning and… Continue reading Adventure Day | Gieringer’s Orchard | Kansas City Family Photography

Kansas City Family Summer Fire Pit Backyard Photography

Summer Break Bucket List

It's May. That means school will be out sooner than I'm probably ready for. I'm certainly ready for sleeping in past 6AM, but I'm not sure about the rest of it. Let's face it. Summer break sounds great in theory, but the reality is it is exhausting, frustrating, annoying, overwhelming, and exhausting. Did I mention… Continue reading Summer Break Bucket List

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At Home: Mr. B Turns One

There are so many things that I love about At Home sessions. The real life, the important things, the details of your unique story.  For those of you with more logical and practical approaches to life, another one of the amazing things about an At Home session is it doesn't matter what the weather is… Continue reading At Home: Mr. B Turns One

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{Adventure Story: The Perfect Tree}

In my house growing up we always had a "fake" Christmas tree. It's all I knew and it was perfect.  There's something very nostalgic for me now when we put our "fake" tree together each year.  Hunting for the correctly color coded branch and fluffing them up. It's just the way it was always done.… Continue reading {Adventure Story: The Perfect Tree}