October: 10-on-10 | Kansas City Family Photography

It’s already October. It’s my favorite month of the year. Fall is officially here.  I figure it’s about time to do a “this was our summer” type of post. Am I too late for that? I think maybe this unrelenting rain we’ve had for the last 4+ days might have some people wishing for summer sun again so, here. I’ll bring it to you in virtual form.

At the end of the school year this last spring I shared our Summer Bucket List. I don’t know that I ever intended to check everything off that list. Well, I probably had great dreams and ambitions that maybe we would, but in reality, I knew we never could. Summer moves fast. We like to just relax and enjoy the break from routine; free from the schedule and rush to be everywhere. I did want a list so that I could at least attempt to get us out and exploring a little bit and we certainly did that.

Some would say I failed at my bucket list. I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed in myself for not checking more things off, but now that we’ve had some separation from summer, looking back, I think we had a pretty successful summer. We all survived, so that should be success enough. Looking through our summer pictures, though, I realized we did make some lifelong memories.

So, for our October 10-on-10 blog circle I thought I’d share with you my 10 favorite images {in chronological order} from this summer. And, as it turns out, they are associated with some of my favorite memories we created, as well. I guess I should call that a great success since capturing memories and meaningful moments is what I claim to do best, lol! And bonus, all three of my babies are in all 10 of these images ❤

Summer backyard pool kids joy kansas city water squirt guns splash


Kansas City Zoo family children summer monkeys windows indoor light

Kansas City summer blueberry picking gieringers orchard children clouds sky

Kansas City Boulevard Drive In movie vintage playground children summer joy

children backyard tent camping low light lantern night time summer kansas city

Children bikes summer kansas city cul-de-sac

children washing car driveway summer kansas city ford explorer water soap hoseKansas City Nelson Atkins Museum of Art glass maze children reflections summer


children playground slide summer kansas city

children sparklers summer kansas city black and white

What was your favorite memory from this summer? Did you check everything off your bucket list?

Make sure to follow the 10-on-10 {10 images on the 10th of the month} loop around and see what all the artists have to share. Next up in the loop is Jennifer at Blueberry Hill Images


  1. Ah Summer, how I miss it. These are beautiful, and I love that all 10 of them have all your babes in them, so awesome. What great memories ❤


  2. Oh wow! I love these photos! they show such an amazing story of your summer and they are gorgeous!


  3. Shea says:

    Summer! You feel so far away! You did a beautiful job capturing the feelings of the season!


  4. Erika Kao says:

    Courtney! Some of my favorite images are yours. Thank you for sharing these delicious moments from your summer.


  5. I love fall too! These are so good! My favorite was the tent but honestly I loved them all. My favorite is that you got all three in each shot 😍


  6. Jen G says:

    These are wonderful, such classic summer images. And way to get all three kiddos in the frame!



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