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DIY Farmhouse Sign

They're everywhere; the farmhouse style signs with the inspirational or witty sayings.  Well, what if you want something custom? A word or phrase that's special to you and not something you'll find laying around on the shelves of Hobby Lobby?  It's time to DIY! I actually made this sign a couple years ago.  I heard… Continue reading DIY Farmhouse Sign

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DIY Stenciled Tile Project

We are currently in the process of updating our late 90s builder grade house into a more modern and up-to-date home. When we bought this house 4 years ago I saw it's potential; lots of spaces, big kitchen, giant yard. It just needed some help to reach that potential.  We're finally tackling one of the… Continue reading DIY Stenciled Tile Project


The Hour-by-Hour Photography Project

Over the last few years I've completed a 365 project; one photo everyday for a whole year.  While I've loved all the little everyday moments I was able to capture during those projects, this year I wanted to try something a little different. Something that would still allow me to capture our story, but also… Continue reading The Hour-by-Hour Photography Project

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10 Projects to Pull You Out of the Photography Rut

As an artist, there’s nothing more frustrating then a creative block. A total lack of inspiration and motivation to create. You keep shooting, but nothing you’re capturing moves you. Or maybe you don’t even feel like picking up your camera. We’ve all been there. The photography rut. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s life getting… Continue reading 10 Projects to Pull You Out of the Photography Rut