Top 10 Images of 2019

I know I don’t share my photography work quite as much around here anymore. To be honest, 2019 was a tough year for me creatively in that area.  I went through a little bit of an identity crisis. Mom life has become busier than ever.  Having three kids in school and activities is no joke. I have felt a pull to be more present in their lives and thus, photography kind of took a back seat (way back in the third row).

I’ve made the decision to stop taking photography clients, for now.  My family needs me. Going into 2020 I will be 100% full time mommy for the first time ever. It’s weird and it’s scary, but I’m excited. My kids are growing and accomplishing so much and I don’t want to miss a moment. Saying this out loud feels like a weight off my shoulders. I can already feel the creativity returning.  That initial passion I had for photography and documenting OUR lives is creeping back in.

I promise that in 2020 I will share more.  I will tell more of our story.

For now, here is a look back at 2019.  I had far fewer images to go through this year than usual. Instead of thousands there were only hundreds. To be honest, that made me really sad.  I know there were a lot of great moments I didn’t capture. Memories I didn’t document.  Yes, they still happened. Yes, they’re still in our hearts, but I wish I had something physical to look back and remember them.

Here are my Top 10 images from 2019.


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