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{Milestone Story: Mr. J Turns One}

Mr. J just turned ONE! When a Baby’s First Story comes to an end, I like to look back at my favorite moments that lead up to this big milestone.  I met his parents before his arrival to capture that time of great anticiaption. They brought their sweet pup who has since passed and I’m happy to have been able to include him in their images; I know he meant a lot to them.

Finally, the big day was here and Mr. J had arrived!! Meeting him was so exciting and loved that his grandma got to be there to help and exprience this exciting time.

Sometimes, it feels like so much time has passed between the newborn session and the next milestone session.  It’s always so fun to see these babies again and see how much they’ve grown. I met Mr. J and his family at the county fair this summer for a beautiful night of fun and laughter.

And look at him now. A big ONE year old!!

It was a miserable, rainy and cold day so we snuggled inside their home to celebrate his big birthday!  It was perfect. I loved that we were able to capture these moments where the real moments happen. In his favorite places, with his favorite toys.

And his not so favorite cake. I’ve seen a lot of babies smash cakes and cry about cakes, but he was a rare breed. Complete disinterest in cake. We finally discovered that maybe it was just the frosting that was so intimidating because once we wiped that away, he did start to dig in a little bit. Just a little bit, though.

I get it, sweets aren’t your thing. I can relate to that.


This is the part that’s so bittersweet. I’ve watched you grow and now it’s time for you to go. I always leave one year sessions feeling excited for the parents in making it through this tough first year, but also feeling a little sad because I won’t get to see these sweet babes every coulple of months.

Until we meet again, sweet boy. Happy Birthday!!


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