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{Newborn Story: Meet Miss L}

I met this sweet family when big brother was born. I found out then that they’re giant Royals fans just like us and I knew we’d get a long great.  We actually got to experience a dream come true together when we were able to step out onto the field at The K for big brother’s 1 year session.

I had a sneaking suspicion at that session that I would be seeing this family again soon. Sure enough, a few months later mom emailed me to ask if I could document new baby’s arrival; a baby sister!!

We waited a few weeks after she arrived to finally meet for her session so they could finish a little bit more on their new house. I was really anxious to see their new place because I love checking out new houses and places. Let me tell you, their new house is a dream. The perfect cozy home, out in the country, on beautiful rolling Kansas hills. {I’ll be honest, I peaked around to see if there might be a room available for me to live in.}



I know mom felt stressed about this session.  Having a brand new baby right in the middle of building a beautiful new house, who wouldn’t feel stressed. We didn’t know if the house would be done enough for us to be able to be in there for Miss L’s session. I assured her, that even if we only have one room to work with, it will be perfectly fine.

And guess what? This ended up being what just might be my favorite newborn session ever.

Yes, 90% of the house was still a contruction zone, but a crib set up, a little paint on the wall and a wide open canvas of a master bedroom were the perfect blank canvas for this session.

Seeing mama with her two little ones instantly took me back.  My oldest two are really close in age like these two are. Many days are tough with 2 under 2, but there’s definitely a special bond between kiddos born close.  And the toddler photo bombs were the best.

This sweet girl was so happy and content through the whole session. She’s such a sweet doll baby. I really can’t wait to watch her grow and see the special bond between these two develop. Stay tuned to see more of her First Story.


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