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{Adventure Day: Union Station}

Union Station is one of my favorite places in Kansas City. The architecture and the history are overwhelmingly beautiful. There are so many fun activities and events that happen here, but I just love to explore the details. Everytime I go I find a new amazing spot. I took tiny man on an adventure to find new details and enjoy favorite spots.

The light from the enormous windows combined with the sheer volume of the interior creates the most amazing shadows and pockets of light. Even the tucked away stair cases are beautiful.

Yes, he’s rockin’ his “kickin’ it with my mom today” shirt {from Mindy Mae’s Market}. I saw it and had to have for our adventures. I swear, this kid has such better style than I do.  Seriously, where do I sign him up to be America’s Next Top Model. He’s a natural, haha!

Of course we had to stop by “the window.”  You can say all you want about this window being over done and cliché, but it’s the most beautiful spot.  The shadows and ring of light. I will never get tired of seeing it. I would love to see a compilation of all the images ever taken by all the KC photographers in this window. Can you imagine all the amazing memories and milestones captured here? Weddings, graduations, birthdays.  I would love to see how different creative minds work with this canvas. I have a big print of an image I took of my older two kiddos in this window from years ago. Now I need to print one of tiny man from this trip. Now to decide which one…

Tiny was getting antsy and just wanted to run.  He’s really fast and I about lost him when he bolted for the elevator. So, we headed over to the link to have a little room to run.  The link is an elevated, enclosed walkway between Union Station and Crown Center. Again, the light here is unreal and the views of the city are breathtaking. And it echoes really loud when a 2 y/o screams in delight!

And, what would a trip to Union Station be without a stop by the trains! Plus, they make for really good bribery for keeping a 2 y/o focused during your adventures.

We most certainly will be making more trips here. I love exploring with this little dude. Plus, we need to get more pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree before it’s gone. This place is beautiful all year long, but at Christmastime it’s nothing short of magical.

6 thoughts on “{Adventure Day: Union Station}”

  1. These were all breathtaking! I’d personally print the second window picture of him sitting up. ❤


  2. I loved each photo. It’s so breathtaking! I really need that shirt too!
    I’d personally print the second window picture. ❤



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