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{At Home Story: Holiday Cookies}

The holidays are full of so many traditions and I love learning about what activities are important to other families each year. When I was talking with this Mama about what holiday traditions would mean the most to them to capture during their session, the answer was easy. Baking cookies.

This had me really excited. I love family time spent in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home and I knew they had just worked really hard to give their kitchen a new face lift. It felt like the perfect thing to capture; old traditions in a new space.

Now, when I make cookies it’s nothing short of a hot mess. Flour everywhere, frosting smeared on everything and at least one batch gets burnt or the cut outs spread into completely unrecognizable shapes. Not this family though. They’ve got this baking thing down to a science. They even have different frosting recipes for different types of decorating. My frosting comes out of a jar. Maybe that’s my problem.

It was really fun to be a fly on the wall during this time. This family truly embraced my documentary approach and it led to capturing truly authentic moments. And I was able to get creative and freelens a lot.

While the first step of frosting was setting {yes, apparently there is multiple steps in the cookie perfection process} they took some time to snuggle, read stories and do a little decorating.

This whole session spoke right to my heart. These are the moments I want to capture. The real life that matters. Thank you, T Family, for allowing me to preserve these memories for you!


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