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{Adventure Day: A Rewind}

Well, fall happened. It always does. It sneaks up on me and BOOM it’s busy season. I always think I’m prepared, but never am. Things are slowing down now so I thought I’d give you a little rewind; a little recap of some of the places we’ve explored lately.

First was our tried and true; Shawnee Mission Park. We’re truly blessed to live right across the street from this place. We can walk there, people! Needless to say, we explore this place often.  It was a rainy and cold day so I figured staying close to home was good, but wanted to get out at least for a little bit.

We saw ZERO other people, because we’re the only ones who go park exploring in the rain, but we saw lots and lots of geese. We even had a CLOSE encounter with a goose that wasn’t very happy about us walking down what was apparently HIS sidewalk.

Rainy days = puddles, woohoo! They also = very very wet feet when you choose fashion over praticality.

This was also the day where I realized that my 2 y/o has much more style and swagger than I do.

The big kids had a Friday off in October so that meant I got to take all three monkeys out for an Adventure Day. This proved to be very exhausting for mama. With the bigs being in school all the time, I don’t often have to be out and about with all three anymore. I forgot how outnumbered I really am.

It was a much more beautiful day this time and we decided to go on a hike at Blackhoof Park. We love this park for their variety of playgrounds, but we had never hiked back to the dam area before so, off we went!

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this beautiful sunshine pouring in through the trees above the lake. Em has become my resident freelens, hair flip model for occasions like this.

The kids loved being in charge of leading us along the trail, although they wanted to go a little faster than I had planned. “Wait for mommy, please!”

I had no idea all this beauty was hidden back here. On a cold {cold} day like today I’m longing for the warmth and beautiful sunshine we felt.

With the peak of fall fast approaching I realized we needed to explore as much outdoors as we can before it’s too cold. I don’t do cold, so that threshold wil be here very soon. We decided our next stop on the Adventure Day tour should be the Overland Park Arboretum. This place is magically beautiful and has so much to explore.

We first decided to walk through the statue trail and collect sticks. Lots and lots and lots of sticks. Oh, and a quick break to fly like Micheal Jackson {yea, I’m not sure either}.

Next stop, was all aboard at the train garden. We actually had to make a couple of stops here because, well, 2 y/o boy and trains.

They also have the most amazing, natural playground here. It’s basically a pile of fallen down trees and cut up stumps which is a magical place for a little kid. Who doesn’t love climbing all over trees?

I’ll be honest, we took a couple of weeks off from adventuring. Fall is crazy, like I mentioned and life just got in the way. We’ll get back at it tomorrow. Now to decide where to go….


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