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{Family Story Session: The Ingleharts}

I’ve been wanting to share this family’s story session since the second I left their house that night. This session filled my heart with joy for so many reasons. One reason being it completely embodies everything I want to do as a photographer; capture the heart of families. No fancy backdrops, no perfect styled outfits, just a family at it’s core, in their home.

I’ve known Stephanie for many years. She’s one of my mom warriors, my soul sisters, one of those friends you’re thankful to have by your side through this crazy ride we call motherhood. I’ve watched her kids grow, felt heartbreak when they moved away and joy when they came home again. This year, though, has been a difficult season to have to watch her endure. She received that heartwrenching news that lives in all parents’ nightmares; your child has cancer.

Stephanie, like she always does, stepped up to that plate and hasn’t backed down. She holds strength and passion for her son, Hudson, and their whole family. It’s that kind of strength you have no idea is inside you until you have to fight with all your might. Except, anyone who knows her, isn’t surprised that that strength is there.

Hudson had a break from the rough part of his teatments early this fall and we found a night where he was feeling pretty good and decided to spend some time to document their love and strength as a family right now. I’ll be honest, walking up to their door that night I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how he would be feeling, what the energy of the house would be. The second that door opened, though, I was hit with that familiar love and energy that I remember of this family. Of, course this wouldn’t break them. Of course, their strength would conquer this.

It was really a perfect night full of cuddles and shananigans and s’mores making and lots of energy. It made me so thankful to see big smiles from Hudson. His mama’s strength has rubbed off on him. He’s a fighter, I can see it in his eyes.

I’m not going to pretend to know or undertand all the details of what he’s going through. You can follow his journey on FB at Hudson Strong.  He’s back to those nasty treatments right now so he could use all the prayers and good wishes you can provide. XOXOXO


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