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{Adventure Day: Antioch Park}

You know those days when all you want to do is snuggle into the couch and zone out, but you know you should be doing something more important? Last Wednesday was one of those days. We had a really busy week {more on that in another post, soon} and it was the only day we didn’t have to get up and rush somewhere or hurry up and get ready for something. It was so tempting to stay in our jammies and veg, but it also meant it was our only opportuinty for an Adventure Day last week. So, I motivated the toddler {and myself} with the promise of a frog finding mission.

I recently did a session at Antioch Park. I hadn’t been there in forever and it reminded how much I love that place. I realized that G hadn’t ever had a chance to explore it.

So, that’s where we headed. On a mission to find some frogs.

The park is quite large and I really didn’t plan on exploring the whole thing.  We headed to the large pond first. I figured we’d find some frogs there and maybe our mission could be complete and we’d still have some time for that couch riding adventure, too.

Well, we found beautiful flowers, lots of ducks, a few turtles, a caterpillar and some more ducks.

No frogs.

We decided to take a break from frog hunting and head over to the playground area. One of my favorite things about this park isn’t the beautiful, state of the art swing sets. It’s the tiny Dodge Town. It’s a series of tiny buidlings made to look like an old western town. It’s always been one of my favorite places to watch my kids play. There’s nothing in the buildings. Just wide open spaces, doors, windows, full of room to watch their imaginations explode.

G absolutely loved running through the buildings, popping his head out every window and yelling “heellloooo” {in a weird british accent?}.

After a brief {actually really long. Like c’mon kid let’s get going} time on the swings, we set off to finally find some frogs. We headed to the north part of the park, through the woods {actually in the woods because they had just re-paved all the paths and we couldn’t walk on them}, around the other pond and through some more trails. We found lots of gorgeous trees, cool shadows and a small creek.

No frogs.

Soon, G was tired and asked “we go mommy’s house now?” {I’m not sure why he calls home “mommy’s house.” I guess he knows who’s in charge.} Our adventure was done even though we failed to complete our mission.

He didn’t care, though. When telling daddy about our day he exclaimed “we saw frogs!!” I wasn’t going to correct him.


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