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{Adventure Day: Grinter Farms Sunflower Field}

This is the first time we’ve made the trek out to Grinter Farms to see their sunflower field.  It’s apparently THE sunflower field in Kansas City. I knew it was popular. I knew I wanted to go, but I don’t do crowds. My anxiety in large crowds prevents me from enjoying myself sometimes. Whenever I read about the sunflower field people would say how beautiful it is, but the crowds.

I read their website over and over. Trying to take in their advice and tips on how to make this an enjoyable experience.  I decided to let go of the thoughts of an outing with the whole family. There’s no way I was going to this place on a weekend. I decided it would be an Adventure Day excursion. An early morning while most kids are in school and adults are at work. This is how we would make this work.

You guys. I had no idea. I had no idea how magical this place would be. I turned the corner and saw the field in the distance and it actually took my breath away. There were legitimate tears in my eyes. The depth of the field just hit me.

It was the perfect time to be there. No traffic, wide open spaces, enough other people that you didn’t feel completely alone {we just watched Children of the Corn the other night so seeing other adults was helpful}, but plenty of space to truly experience it.

G was a little hesitant to walk through the rows at first. I can image it felt a little engulfing not being able to see over the tops of the flowers.

Eventually, he found cool bugs, we had some tickle fights and soon enough he was leading the way.

This place feels close to heaven.  The way the flowers roll off into the distance, the bright blue sky, the quiet. Even with all these people around, it was so quiet.

And muddy, a little bit muddy.

I was so fun to watch G look in amazement at these flowers; some 2-3 times as tall as him.

I’m so happy I decided to do this. It almost didn’t happen.  I almost chickened out. I can’t believe I almost let my anxiety get in the way of this experience. We’ll be coming here again.


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