{Adventure Day: Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead}

I realized how fast time is moving. How fast my tiny man is growing. My two big kids are truly BIG kids now; they’re both in school full time. I want to squeeze every ounce of time out of what I have left with my last baby at home. Thus, Adventure Day was born.

Every Friday. A new place to explore.

I thought it only fitting that we spend our first official Adventure Day at one of my absolute favorite places in Kansas City; Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.

If you haven’t been here, then hurry up and go. I can’t believe you’ve been missing out.  It is an absolute beautiful property with endless things to do, see and learn.

And they have free wagon rentals. As a mom of 3, that’s a giant bonus to not have to lug ours out there! Today, G insisted on pulling the wagon everywhere instead of riding in it.

Our first stop is always at Georgia’s Hen House. I don’t know what it is about chickens that fascinate my children, but we always have to stop on our way in and again on our way out. Maybe we need some chickens for our backyard {I wonder what the HOA would say about that}.

Next is always the big white barn.  We got there early enough today that we got to watch the cow milking. Well, about 2 minutes of it anyway. G was much more interested in the baby goat in there and, again, pulling the wagon around. He can be very persistent and strong willed when he wants to be.

Next up was goat feeding in the free-for-all goat pen. Over the years this has been a hit or miss attraction for my kiddos. My oldest was terrified of the goats. Still to this day whenever someone mentions goats I hear his little toddler voice saying with tears “goat eat shirt” because he had a major meltdown about the goat that wouldn’t stop trying to eat his shirt.

Each additional child has been braver and braver in the goat pen. Today G just ran on up and started petting them {and trying to feed them rocks, oops} and then dragged me into the pen to chase them around. No goat-phobia in this kid.

As usual, we bought the $1 bottle of milk to feed the goats.

As usual, the goats got rowdy and I was left holding the tiny bottle by mself while G ran for cover.

As usual, I left with goat poop all over my shirt from them trying to tackle me for the milk.

He was super excited to ride the pedal car tractors, but his feet don’t quite reach the pedals, yet. So, I got a little work out in pushing him around and around the track. And around and around, because when he looks at me with a giant smile and says”again, mommy!” how can I say “dude, mommy’s freaking tired and sweating.”

I was finally able to distract him with ducks, but this meant he went running straight for the pond. Full speed. Boy has no fear. Mommy has fear of having to pull him out of the murky pond water. Luckily, he stepped in some duck doo on the way which stopped him in his tracks “poop, mommy! my shoe!” Thank goodness, for poop!

We headed off to find the pigs. I apologize to all the people we encountered on the way. Like I said, he was persistent in wanting to pull the wagon, but he cannot walk a straight line. We were those people getting in everyone’s way.

We spent a lot of time at the pigs. One was lounging in the water pool and G was insistent that the other pig was going to get in, too. He actually yelled at the poor pig; “get in wa wa!” The pig was not cooperative and G finally gave up.

We headed to the vegetable/flower gardens to run and explore a bit; and stop to pet random goats along the way.

There’s this little statue in the garden that G took a liking to. He kept going over to her and touching her face. After awhile he asked “she see me?” It got a little creepy so we moved on.

I really wanted to head back to the nature trail in the woods, but G overheard someone say ice cream so he was on a mission to get some. I did my best to distract him with more goats. It worked for a bit.

This goat pen is always a little less rowdy and the goats are always hungry. I can’t decide if watching him feed them is adorable or disgusting. They were sweet with him, but we definitely bathed in hand sanitizer afterwards.

On our way out, I caved and we got the ice cream. It was close to lunch time so the little snack shop was getting full. We had to wait in line for a bit, but everyone headed right outside once they got their food. I looked over and saw this little table in the corner all by itself. We snatched it up. It was cool and quiet and felt like we were in our own little world for awhile. Away from the heat and screaming children. {Not judging. My child was the one who screamed “ice cream!!” the whole time we were in line.}.

I do wish this place was a little closer to home. It’s such a great place to explore. Spending this time with him was perfect and I’m really excited for more adventures.

I’ve started a giant list of places for us to explore. If you have an awesome suggestion of a place we should go on Adventure Day then email me!

And, of course, if you would like for me to come document YOUR family adventures or everyday shenanigans then email me, too! I’d love to help preserve your precious time and memories.


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