The start of a new year is always a good time for reflection; a time to look back and decide how you want to move forward. I feel a strong pull deep within myself to make a big change moving forward. I entered into the world of photography with a purpose. I wanted to capture life. I wanted to freeze those precious moments that are so fleeting. I wanted to create that for myself and for my clients.

Somewhere along the way, over the last 4 years since I started this business, I think I lost myself a bit.  I’ve met amazing people and we’ve created beautiful images together, but I feel like my heart has gone missing.

As I look back over my sessions from this year, the moments and images that speak to my heart the most are the moments in between the shots. The real life, love and emotions that happen between and long after “say cheese.”

Below you’ll find my favorite images from 2016.  What you won’t see in any of them are forced smiles or fake poses. You’ll see life. Real life. Those are what this is all about. Those moments are what I went chasing in the beginning.

What all of this reflection tells me is that it’s time for change. I’m throwing ‘typical’ out the window and I’m doing me. From this moment forward you won’t hear me utter the words “say cheese.” Let’s stop pretending to be perfect and just be us because, you know what, that IS perfection.

Take a moment and look through the “your session” page as I’ve made a lot of changes. I want to invest my time in you. I want to help create and customize sessions for each one of you. To capture your unique story. To help you be you. The real you. I will no longer be doing typical. I’m focusing only on lifestyle {life-inspired}, storytelling sessions.  Will you join me on this journey?