10 on 10 April 2018 {Adventure Day: The Art of the Brick}

Just before Easter, the kiddos had a day off of school.  We had been wanting to take them down to Union Station to check out the Art of the Brick exhibit for awhile, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  It is a traveling exhibit by artist Nathan Sawaya that has been all over the world.  He uses LEGO bricks as his art medium and the results are mind blowing. Seriously, I have no idea how his brain came up with these things; not just the design, but the execution is insane.


The exhibit itself was a dream for me; bright colors, dramatic lighting, yes, please! I could see my kiddos eye light up and their brains spinning with inspiration.  It was pure joy to watch. At the very end of the exhibit that had a creation station set up where kiddos could sit and create the things that were spinning in their minds. I would highly recommend checking it out; kiddos, young and young at heart.


For our 10 on 10 blog circle this month I’ll share with you 10 images from our experience this day.  Just keep in mind, all LEGO BRICKS!


Next up in the blog circle is Moments by Adriana Photography.  Go check our her post and follow around till you get back here!

9 thoughts on “10 on 10 April 2018 {Adventure Day: The Art of the Brick}”

  1. WOW!! That’s unreal. And all that gorgeous lighting. I’m going to have to look it up and see if they ever come close to our area, that would be so cool to see. Beautifully captured as well. Love it!!


  2. Wow – such dynamic light to work with and so colorful! You captured so much childhood wonder and very cool textures of the sculptures – awesome work!



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