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Baby’s First Story Session: Miss M

One of the biggest compliments I can receive is to have my clients come back to me.  To ask me again to document special moments in their lives. This is one of those families and I feel very blessed. It was already special because I was able to re-connect with an old college friend and catch up about where life has taken us now that we’re old. Seriously, it took us a long time to do the math on how long ago college was.  It’s funny, looking back I never could have pictured being here, documenting the arrival of his second baby, his baby girl! And what a sweet baby girl she is!!

And big brother! It was just a couple short years ago that we were documenting his arrival. Now he’s a walking, talking, adorable BIG brother!

One of the first things mom asked when I arrived is “what do you want us to do?”  This is a common question when I arrive places.  My answer is always “just be.”  I don’t need you to do anything except for be you. Do your thing as if I wasn’t here. I know it can be awkward at first and sometimes it takes a little direction to get you started, but my favorite moments happen when families “just be” them.

It was so great to meet you Miss M. Welcome to this crazy world. You are one lucky little girl to have been born into this family. You are going to be a strong, smart and kindhearted girl. Trust me on that, I’ve met your mama. Don’t grow up too fast and I hope to see you again soon.


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