10 on 10: February 2018

I know I’m only just starting on month 2, but I’m really proud of myself for keeping up with my Huppy Hours Project.  It’s also making me realize just how hectic and emotional Mondays are.  We usually don’t have big plans, maybe just a few errands that need to be completed, but Monday still feels so exhausting. I guess it’s just a weird mental transition from laid back weekend to the return of structure.


This project is a good distraction and it helps the day move quickly.  With a 2 {almost 3} year old on a major nap strike, I’m up for anything that gets us to bedtime faster. And looking back at previous weeks I can see that there was beauty in all that chaos, even though, in the moment, it just felt like surviving.


This week was just as hectic and stressful, although one magical thing did happen. I wore out the toddler enough that he passed out on the couch for a quick, sanity saving, nap. 


The blog circle is back and we’re all bringing you our monthly 10 on 10 {10 images on the 10th day of the month}. Next up in the circle is True Mama Photography. Go check our her work and circle back around.

7 thoughts on “10 on 10: February 2018”

  1. Love the hour by hour photos. I really want to try this out one time. So glad you were able to wear the kiddo out for a nap, I remember those nap resistance days. I love the last photo with your kiddo and the pup.


  2. Oh man, nap strikes can be so hard! I’m glad he gave you a little break, however brief it may have been. I just love your hour by hour photos!



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