Huppy Hours 2018: Weeks 3 & 4

I’ve decided not to do a true 365 project this year {one picture everyday for a year}. I completed one last year and it was the best decision I’ve made artistically. It taught me so much about my camera, the way I shoot and who I am as an artist. I grew so much my having my camera in my hand every single day and I finally found my voice.  That being said, there is a lot of commitment and stress involved when choosing a project of that magnitude. There were times that I missed being present in the moment. I was caught up in shooting and learning and forgot to just be mommy.

I still have goals for shooting often. There is so much value in having my camera in hand a lot. One of these goals is this weekly hour-by-hour project. One day each week where I basically have my camera out all the time. It’s like 365 bootcamp.  Squeeze all that constant shooting into one day.

So, here are our Huppy Hours; our magical {and NOT so magical} little moments from the last couple of weeks.  Documenting our chaos.

Week3: A rainy morning of errand running followed by lots of couch snuggles.  A little warm up in the afternoon to squeeze in some outside time. All capped off with chicken wings with mac&cheese in our messy kitchen.

Week 4: Getting ready for school and work and some “shaving” time with daddy. More errand running and donut bribery.  Exploring a new big boy bed, naptime protest and a quick snooze. Finished off with quiet time and a Hello Fresh meal.


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