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Huppy Hours: Catch Up

When I started this project I was skeptical that I could keep it going. It’s easy to burn out on personal projects when you’ve got life to deal with. I didn’t realize, though, how much it would energize and inspire me. I look forward to these days each week.

{Week 10}

I’ve changed the “rules” each time. I shoot on different days sometimes instead of just Monday.  I don’t get a shot every hour and sometimes multiple shots in just a few minutes. Sometimes I capture a whole morning and nothing for the rest of the day.  BUT, when it comes to personal projects it’s just that. Personal.

{Week 11}

What’s important to me is capturing tiny details of our life. Little things that are part of our everyday. Moments that I might forget or not even notice unless I take the time to step back and capture it.

{Week 12}

It’s those moments that mean the most, though.

How it’s really hard to get tiny man out of bed in the morning. How once he does get out of bed, he likes to lay on the floor for awhile and slowly prepare for the day.

His quick and deep connection to that stuffed giraffe.

That he loves to put on big sister’s dresses and twirl.

{Week 13}

The bond that tiny man and big sister have right now.

She’s always there to make sure he’s got everything he needs. She’s there to help him through life.

She’s often a better mommy than I am.

{Week 14}

How my big man is getting way too big.

How most of the time he’s “too cool” to participate, but he’s still, deep down, a giant mama’s boy.

All he wants in life right now is special, one-on-one time with me.

{Week 15}

These days aren’t always easy. The inspiration doesn’t always strike, but taking a moment to look back at all the real moments I’ve saved, it’s all worth it. Even looking back to that first week of this project I can see how much these nuggets have grown and changed.

Take time and notice the tiny moments of your everyday because they don’t last forever. Well, unless you’re a snap happy mama like me and document all the things.

{Week 16]

3 thoughts on “Huppy Hours: Catch Up”

  1. I am always so drawn to your use of light and your use of composition to tell a story. Each one of these photos would be able to stand alone and tell a story AND they work well as a set. You’re a true inspiration.



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