Why an at home session?

At home you’re in your element. You’re the most comfortable. You’re the most you. Why stress about perfect outfits, unnatural poses and getting all those kids dressed, in the car, and to a random location that really means nothing to you, on time. Stay home. Snuggle up and relax. This is where your life happens, I’ll be there to capture it.

What if i don’t have the perfect “Pinterest” house?

Great! Neither do I! I’m not there to take photos of your house, I’m there to take photos of your life in your house.  Moments, connections, memories. Not stuff.

What if my kids aren’t on their best behavior?

Here’s a little insight. They won’t be. And that’s perfect. It’s real. It’s them. Let them be. We’ll have activities and backup activities planned to keep the ball rolling and try to keep the little ones engaged and happy. But, they’re little. Let them be. Some of the most powerful moments and images to remember are those moments where you take time out with your little to give them some love and attention. Embrace the chaos. As a mother of 3, that has become my mantra. Repeat it to yourself just before your session. Take a deep breath and embrace it.

I don’t know where to start preparing for an at home session.

Don’t stress! I have a client questionnaire for you to complete when booking. It will help me learn what is important to you and your kids. We’ll have a pre-session phone (or email if that’s more your jam) consultation to plan outfits, explore the light in your house and create a timeline for activities for your session.

What is an “adventure” session?

Do you want to live in the moment with your family? Bring me with you on a family outing; the library, farmstead, berry picking, pumpkin patch etc. Whatever adventure your family loves to do together. I’ll be there to document your trip. Capture the moments and memories for you so you can enjoy the moment.

How do i book a session?

Simple! Use the “contact” tab at the top of this page and send me an email! We’ll start planning!

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